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dernière danse


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the human effect
Hi, in LJ I am known as apatots, in multiply, I go by the username intoxicatingnirvana. In real life, I am Alexis Laura L. Feliciano, but most commonly known as Apa to many. I don't actually use my real name except for filling out forms and such but really, I'd want you to call me Apa. Or Apatots, even.

I like to read books, and I like watching dramas too. But one thing you have to know about me, the most basic of all the things about me, is my shoe fetish. I can buy books for no particular reason, using my week's allowance but I save for my shoes, which generally takes me a year before I can buy a whole rack of pumpin' hot mary janes or anything that goes. I don't like my shoes bought out of a half-hearted need for it, but I want my shoes shiny and pretty and very much an eye candy.

DARN. But I keep forgetting the boys. Second to my shoe fetish is my pretty boy fetish. It therefore requires no logic that I like my stuffs pretty. I started out as a Jerry Yan fan during the heyday of Meteor Garden Taiwan version in the Philippines, the country where I was born. Next to that was a Thai band named Too Phat, although it was rather short-lived. Six years later, I found myself into the Johnny's Entertainment fandom, from V6 down to Hey! Say! JUMP and some of the juniors I have come to like. Then it diversified even more, and entered the Korean fandom from artists down to musicians. SO. I guess you can call that an encapsulated Fandom History.
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